1. WISA is to provide integrated livestock training packages and experience sharing within the program areas. Over 3000 households will be addressed through training and experience-sharing visits. The majority of training participants have adopted the practice of zero grazing, feed production and preparation, and improving breeds by using AI and bull service.
  2. Up to date, 3 tonnes of groundnuts, maize and soya bean seed have been distributed to women farmers in Rumphi and Mzimba districts.
  3. WISA targets over 500 improved Heifers (220 exotics and the remaining Bonsmara crossbred) heifers to be distributed to women farmers in Chitipa, Karonga and Nkhata-Bay.
  4. 8 Bull service stations will have been established with one exotic breed bull in each of it.
  5. WISA targets 610 calves (that have improved blood levels) to have been born and survived through Artificial Insemination (AI) & Bull service provisions. The bull service is also given for non-project heifers as the demand for breed improvement becomes the concern of many farmers in the area.
  6. Milk & milk product processing and selling centres will have been established in all our targeted districts. The dairy project participant and non-project dairy farmers will have supplied 150,000 and 70, 000 litres of milk respectively.