1. 200 Solar Driven Water Pumps are to be distributed to Irrigation groups, which consist of a             total of 3000 Households. About 3000 ha of land is to be put under community irrigation. Among the irrigation groups, 15 of them will have secured legal certificates to form cooperatives.
  2. The farmers’ production system will have been significantly improved. One-time production to have evolved into two-three times production. The motorized pump will change their ways of production and contribute to the efficient utilization of their labour and land resources. The challenges of rain-fed agriculture will have reduced their toll on the livelihood of      smallholders
  3. Production is to be diversified. Various cash crops/vegetables (onion, tomato, cabbages, green peppers etc) are to be produced for consumption and household income generation. 
  4. Various Agro-forestry, forage development and environmental management practices shall be incorporated into the community production system to make them self-sufficient. Crossbred heifers will be distributed to enhance the community income levels and transform the farm enterprises into a commercialized marketing system.