1. Various pieces of training on gender, decision making and women empowerment issues will be offered to women selected from the local communities, local government offices and community leaders.
  2. Small business and resource management skills training will have been offered to women groups.
  3. WISA shall establish and support 30 school-based gender clubs in four districts through          training, stationery and IEC materials
  4. REFLECT training will be organized for 30 women facilitators and they are to teach a total of 1320 women. Most of them will have begun saving and properly planning their livelihood         activities
  5. Awareness training on the e issues of harmful traditional practices, gender violence and HIV/AIDS prevention shall be given to community representatives of all districts at different times.
  6. Over 30,000 people will have been sensitized to the eradication of harmful traditional practices and gender-based violence in five districts over the last five years