Who We Are

Women in Sustainable Agriculture (WISA), is a Malawian Resident NGO-Social Enterprise, secular developmental non-governmental organization operating since 2020. We are legally registered with the registrar of Companies as a limited company by Guarantee (Reg. No 1010157349) and signed operational agreements with the Ministry of Women/Children and Community Development, Ministry of Agriculture and their zonal structures.

Our Programmes

WISA operates in the Northern Malawi (Mzimba, Nkhatabay, Rumphi, Karonga and Chitipa districts)

Strategic Objectives

Participating in disaster early warning, relief and rehabilitation activities.

Undertaking natural resource conservation activities (re-afforestation, area closure and woodlot) and introducing appropriate technologies for generating household energy sources.

Establishing and supporting basic social services (like basic and primary education, health care, water supply, eradication of harmful traditional practices) mainly for children and women.

Promoting environmentally sustainable, modern and highly productive agricultural activities (agro-forestry, backyard development, improved animal husbandry, apiculture), eco-friendly businesses (like ecotourism) and better product marketing scheme.

Agro processing of food crops grown by women in different parts of the country to add value.

Designing and implementing appropriate self-sustaining strategies and program activities addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation aimed at:


  • Providing capacity building for unemployed marginalized semi urban and rural women in the areas of Agribusiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship (Life Skills Academy)
  • Introducing and supporting feasible income generation schemes for women and other vulnerable community members to ensure economic empowerment
  • Creating a value chain for the commercialization of agriculture products
  • Providing user friendly agribusiness business development support-BDS (Incubation/mentorship, market linkage, technical assistance, business planning     and modeling, export linkage. (Life Skills Academy)
  • Facilitating the creation of micro credit facility (soft credit) to facilitate access to productive resources by unemployed rural marginalized groups (WOMEN IN SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE (WISA) financial Services)
  • Providing user friendly micro insurance services.

Resources and Potentials

Agro-ecologically, the districts are found in the Henga Valley, Nyika plateau and lakeshore. The area has development potentials like: availability of fresh-water lakes suitable for fishing, irrigation, tourism development and livestock production and easy access to central market.
2 .2million
Total population
51 %
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